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Clem and Kid TyingThe Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival seeks to get kids outside and on the water. We believe that today’s child spends too much time in front of a screen and too little time outdoors in nature. We believe that today’s child has too many opportunities to sit down and too few opportunities to be active outside. We want to raise the next generation of outdoorsmen and women—children who grow up to be at home in nature and who therefore have a stake in preserving and protecting natural resources.

Thanks to the support of The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation’s Take Me Fishing Program, the festival is able to offer several classes related to fly fishing and fly tying at no charge. These classes are for families and children of all ages to participate in our event.

Admission for children 16 and under is free with a paying adult. While there is no fee for the classes, some registration may be required so check with each individual class to be sure.


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– Family Fly Fishing Classes (3FC)
– Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes
– Free Fly Tying Classes


Family Fly Fishing Classes (3FC)

By Paul Kearney. Want to introduce your child to fly fishing in a fun and engaging way where the whole family can participate? This is it! Paul Kearney, head instructor for Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation and Fishing Camp, along with some of his camping staff will be offering group fly fishing classes suitable for families throughout the weekend. Students will learn the basics about fly fishing, fly casting, fishing etiquette, and things like how to safely handle fish. All materials will be provided free of charge. While classes are free, families need to contact the instructor to ensure enough materials are available. Classes will be held Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 and 2:00. Students and their parents should meet at TU Tri-State Conservation Booth. Please register yourself and your kids by contacting Paul at . This class is presented at no cost to the student or their parents.


Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes

Josh with SalmonDo you have a Scout that needs his Fishing or Fly Fishing Merit Badge? Great, we have an opportunity for them to earn it. The BSA in collaboration with the VFFF and Take Me,  is offering this class at no charge to encourage scouts to earn their Merit Badges. Students will rotate through a day long program that will expose them to a variety of topics from casting to fly tying, all of which will be taught by BSA Certified instructors. While the class is free, scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to the festival. Sorry, only practicing Boy Scouts can participate in this class. For planning purposes please register for the class by contacting Pete Adams at


Free Fly Tying Classes

A variety of fly tying instructors will be providing help throughout the weekend for those that want to try their hands at the art of fly tying. Instructors from both Quantico Marine Base and Fort Belvoir Programs of Project Healing Waters will be available over the course of the weekend to give the public opportunities to experience this great hobby. Both children AND adults will have the option of sitting down at a fly tying bench and learning for themselves just how fun and easy fly tying can be. No experience is needed and all materials and instruction will be provided free of charge through the collaboration between PWHFF volunteers, the VFFF, and Take Me

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