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2018 Virginia Fly Fishing Festival Class Descriptions Paid/Free

A variety of both paid and free classes will be offered at this year’s 18th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Unless otherwise noted, all classes and lectures mentioned in the festival program are included in the admission fee. All casting classes are held inside. This includes all Family Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Classes (3FC). All Boy Scout Fly Fishing Merit Badge Classes are also provided free of charge to active and participating Boy Scouts.


Advanced Nymph Fishing Tactics with Jason Randall

This class is designed with the express purpose of teaching the student techniques and skills needed to become an effective nymph angler. Nymph fishing is commonly used when anglers don’t see any surface action even though fish (especially trout) are feeding. Jason Randall, author of books and articles in numerous national publications, is an acknowledged nymphing expert. In this class Randall will teach students how to avoid nymphing pitfalls and what to do to greatly increase nymphing success. The lecture portion of this class is open to the public and will take place in the Shenandoah River Lecture Area. Students who have paid for the application portion of the course will receive 90 minutes of additional instruction in Casting Area A. Students who register for this class must bring their own fly rod and reel outfit with them for the casting portion of the class. General admission to the festival is included in this class fee. Only 10 spots are available.

Please print out your receipt and bring it with you to the festival.

To check on availability for this class click here.

Paid Classes

Selective Streamer Tactics with George Daniel (Limit 8). Streamer fishing isn’t just about casting a wooly bugger down and across and stripping like the devil. In fact this class will teach you that it’s no different than nymphing, where anglers need to constantly adjust weight and depth where their pattern is being fished. Selective Streamer Tactics looks at both floating and sinking line strategies, pattern designs, and the retrieves needed to match prevailing conditions. After the classroom lecture portion is completed, the instructor will spend several minutes demonstrating the tactics and retrieves on the Kayak Demo Pond. This class is specifically designed to make you a well-rounded angler, with the ability to handle any streamer scenario. Meet at the Shenandoah River classroom. Check availability by clicking here.

Class held: 9:30-11AM Saturday & Sunday.


Beginner Fly Casting Classes with Wanda Taylor (Limit 10). This co-ed class is for beginners with little to no experience fly fishing. Wanda Taylor, the country’s first female Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Master Casting Instructor and a Temple Fork Outfitters advisor, is known as much for her warm and comfortable disposition as she is for her outstanding casting ability. Students will learn all the basic mechanics of fly casting. The lecture portion of the class is done in a group; each student will receive individualized instruction. Students should bring their own rods; rods can be provided with advance notice if needed. The class will meet and be held in Casting Area A. All classes will be held inside. Check availability by clicking here.

Class held: 9:30-11:30AM Saturday & Sunday; 1:30-3PM Saturday & Sunday.


Advanced Casting Classes with Ed Jaworowski (Limit 10). Those who have been fly casting for years but long to take their skills to the next level should check out this class. Ed has written widely on casting and recently completed a casting video with his mentor and close friend Lefty Kreh. He can help experienced anglers learn the techniques that will enable them to gain greater line speed and distance in a variety of settings. Students will also learn how to more effectively cast into wind and cast large wind-resistant flies. Proper foot and arm control will be addressed.   Students will meet their instructor at Casting Area A. All classes will be held inside. Check availability by clicking here.

Class held:11:30 AM-1PM Saturday & Sunday.


Want to suggest a paid class you’d like to see that isn’t offered? We want to hear from you! Please contact us at director@vaflyfishingfestival.org.



Free Classes

Beginner Fly Casting Classes with Kiki Galvin. This class is suitable for novice and beginner fly anglers, and for children as young as 14. The instructor will cover basic casting techniques and everything a newbie needs to know to be successful on the stream. Not a novice but in need of a few pointers to get you back on track? Then this class is also for you. Kiki Galvin, owner of Ms.Guided Fly Fishing Services, is a longtime professional guide with many years’ experience on the water leading her clients to fish. If you’re a lady angler looking for solid instruction in a non-threatening environment, this is the class for you. Lectures will be done in a group, and each student will receive individualized instruction.  Students should bring their own rods; rods can be provided with advance notice. Students can meet their instructor at Casting Area B.

Class held: 9:30-10:30AM Saturday & Sunday; 3-4PM Saturday & Sunday.


Teen Fly Fishing Classes (TFC) with Paul Kearney. Want to give your child a friendly and engaging introduction to fly fishing? This is it! Paul Kearney, head instructor for Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation and Fishing Camp, and some of his aides will offer group fly fishing classes suitable for teens throughout the weekend. Students will learn the basics of fly fishing, fly casting, fishing etiquette, and tips like how to safely handle fish. All materials will be provided free of charge; families need to contact the instructor to ensure that enough materials are available. Students 12-16 should meet at the TU Tri-State Conservation booth. Please register your kids by contacting Paul at wccanoe@gmail.com.

Class: 11AM Saturday & Sunday; 2 PM Saturday & Sunday.


Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes. Do you have a Scout who needs his Fishing or Fly Fishing Merit Badge? The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), in collaboration with the VFFF and Take Me Fishing.org (http://takemefishing.org/), will offer the Merit Badge classes at no charge exclusively to active and participating Scouts. Students will rotate through a day-long program that exposes them to a variety of topics from casting to fly tying, all of which will be taught by BSA-certified instructors. The class is free, and Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to the festival. Please register for the class by contacting Thomas C Roberts mobj501@aol.com.

Free Fly Tying Instruction. Fly tying instructors from both the Marine Corps Base Quantico and Fort Belvoir Programs of Project Healing Waters will be on hand all weekend to introduce attendees to the art of fly tying. Both children and adults will have the opportunity to sit down at a fly tying bench and learn for themselves just how easy and entertaining fly tying can be. No experience is needed, and all materials and instruction will be provided free of charge through a collaboration between PWHFF volunteers, the VFFF, and Take Me Fishing.org (http://takemefishing.org/). Fly tying instruction will take place throughout the weekend.

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