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The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival is a unique blend of fly fishing and good old-fashioned hospitality, with the best Virginia wines thrown in for good measure. Our festival guests and their families hail from all over the Old Dominion and the Mid-Atlantic, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, the Carolinas–and from even further afield in New Hampshire and California. We may have started small, but the generous support of our loyal sponsors has made us bigger and better than ever!

Our media sponsors for the 16th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival are:

Visit our sponsors’ websites and drop by their booths festival. Pick up the latest issue of each publication, subscribe or renew your subscription, and tell the editor about the topics you’d like to see covered in their magazine. Our media sponsors are eager to meet you and get your take on their fine publications!



Blue Ridge Outdoors

bro_cover_0316_sm-2If there’s one thing Blue Ridge Outdoors does best, it’s the great outdoors. For over 21 years, we have served as the leading publication in adventure storytelling in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. From exclusive profiles on legendary adventure sports athletes to destination beta and authentic gear reviews, our readers are sure to receive quality, engaging content with every turn of the page.

In addition to the glossy, jam-packed issue that hits stands once a month, our website is loaded with monthly episodes of BRO-TV, timely regional outdoor news, updates from our Blue Ridge Outdoors athlete and college ambassador teams, and insider looks at everything from music festivals to mountain towns. With an ever-growing presence on social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter, our audience doesn’t just read the magazine—they are the magazine.

Our readers are dedicated outdoorsmen and women, be they professional athletes or weekend warriors. They practice what we preach, capture the beauty of the Blue Ridge that we hold so dear, and not only go outside and play but also protect the places where we recreate, too. In turn, we promise to continue celebrating the Blue Ridge and the adventures therein.


Eastern Fly Fishing

image002Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine is an inspiring, collectible reference of angling destinations east of the Mississippi River. The staff at Eastern Fly Fishing takes pride in its commitment to the highest standards of publishing, from timely, well-written editorial by the region’s most talented writers, to award-winning photography, layout, and design. Launched in the spring of 2005, Eastern Fly Fishing is the magazine of choice for fly anglers all around the region. The area of coverage includes the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Eastern Canada.

Every issue of Eastern Fly Fishing features several angling destinations, including both the famous and the lesser-known waters. Feature articles provide in-depth coverage of the fishery, as well as valuable insights and tantalizing anecdotes that both entertain and inform. In addition, each feature includes a hand-produced custom map of the fishery that highlights all of the important landmarks covered in the article. The writing is superb and the photography is stunning!

In addition to the feature articles, Eastern Fly Fishing hosts several departments: Around the East, Masters at the Bench, In the Vice, Pioneers & Legends, Fish Food, Conservation, Exposure, product reviews, literature, humor, and more.


Virginia Sportsman

winter-2016-webProud Sponsor of the Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Festival

We’ve  heard that a lot of festival goers are not sleeping soundly. They report recurrent dreams of Hardy Gladstone Split Cane rods, Saracione reels and limestone creeks. Sound familiar? Not to worry! The good news is that those are symptoms of being a Virginia sportsman. The bad news—well, there is no bad news.

So, who is a Virginia Sportsman? It’s  a person who lives in a world  of mayflies and brook trout, of stripers and bluefish and flounder in the Bay, a world of flight ducks and Labs and of ruffed grouse and setter bells and of hounds bellowing after foxes on frosty mornings.

Take this self-test to see if you are a Virginia  sportsman. Say “yes” if you–

  • Savor oiled wood on a shotgun stock, fine wine and gracious dining, the balance of a finely machined reel on a hand-made fly rod, the ripple of muscular flanks on a thoroughbred hunter.
  • Are interested in historic architecture, sporting art and antiques and intriguing destinations.
  • Love the land and are pledged to preserve it.

A “yes” to any of these means you’re one of us, a Virginia sportsman. It doesn’t matter where you live: It’s what you love.

We invite you to join us in our quarterly magazine, The Virginia Sportsman. Subscribe or pick up a copy at places like Orvis or Barnes and Noble. In each issue you’ll find articles on fishing, hunting,  boating, shooting and all aspects of equestrian activities. There are regular columns on food, wine, architecture, antiques, art, luxury automobiles, travel and special topics of interest such as snowmobiling or birding.  Our stories come from all parts of the world–fishing in Alaska and Patagonia, trail riding in Transylvania, hunting in Africa and blue-water racing off every shore.  Whether it is the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, the Americas Cup, the Washington Antique Show or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail—or the Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Festival– our features relate the Virginia sportsman’s wide  range of interests.

We sponsor many sporting events like the Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Festival. Stop by and say “Hi” to other sportsmen like yourself.

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